Jeu d'évasion Submarine - Deepdown

Companie: Hint Hunt Toulouse


Passage Baudis, 3 Espl. Compans Caffarelli, 31000 Toulouse ()


Command + EnterVous avez trouvé une faute de frappe? Sélectionnez le texte et appuyez sur Ctrl+Enter.

Au même endroit


Our engine has stopped and our submarine has begun to sink. Our mission is to restart the engine and get back to the surface as soon as possible. This is not for the faint-hearted, and…it is not a drill either.

Your journey in the Submarine seems flawless... until something goes wrong. Is this the engine? Are you going to sink? Your crew members need to work together fast, pay attention to details and think in unison to find the solution of the problem. Can you fix it within 60 minutes to save your life or are you going even deeper down?

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